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Naturel Box Watter Bottle

Naturel Box Watter Bottle

Made by world's most famous ELITE watter bottle company, this beautifully designed Naturel Box watter bottle features a sporting and functional design, conceived to make it perfect for your active way of life.

Neto količina: 800 ml

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Light and practical

This 800 ml watter bottle weighs only 91 grams grants the best versatility, combining all the qualities of a sports bottle that was born to stand out, that is being reliable, resistant, easy to clean, and dishwasher-safe (T. max = 40°C).

Naturel Box watter bottle features a sporting and functional design, conceived to make the bottle body resistant for all sporting conditions. It is lightweight and squeezable.

For all sports

With a standard diameter of 74mm, Naturel Box watter bottle can be used with all conventional bottle cages available on the market. It can be therefore used for:

  • cycling,
  • running,
  • cross fit,
  • fitness,
  • hiking etc.


In the upper part, the slightly narrower body facilitates holding the bottle even in extreme conditions.

The water bottle’s large opening enables quick filling of the bottle with supplements and beverages as well as easy cleaning.

The cap

The cap has an ergonomic design and it is multi-material made. It is ideal for competitions thanks to the push-pull soft valve for maximum ergonomics and ease of opening and closing while cycling.

The quick and easy unscrewing system makes it easy to clean and refill.

Ideal grip

The surface of the bottle’s body features a special grip which makes it safer and easier to use under all conditions.

Food contact certification

The bottle is in compliance with the European CE and American FDA standards concerning food contact materials.

BPA free

Bottle components are totally BPA-Free (Bisphenol A).


All materials used are 100% recyclable through normal recycling channels.

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