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From walking to running with Teja Kralj.Running can be so easy for everyone, you just have to start it the right way.When you start running, you have to start with walking and time is what you need.

Congratulations! You just found courage to start walking and running, something you know you can do!

You are about to: Become Naturel Box Runner Member. Take time for yourself three times a week. Fall asleep from great after workout feeling. Wake up full of energy. Trust your body again that it can cope with more Prove everyone that do not believe in you that they are VERY wrong about your capabilities. Fall inlove in your amazing body. Again. Become better you.

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*** Pcs stands for a month (6 pcs stands for half year membership and 12 pcs stands for year long membership)

What do I need from you?

It's always good to know a person you are working with. That is why I am inviting you to tell me a little bit more about yourself (not a must though): 

  • Why can you not start running again?
  • Why would you like to start running again?
  • What is the hardest part about running for you (breathing, moving les, sore legs, injuries,...)
  • What sports have you tried up till now and didn't like and why?
  • Why can't you start running again?

Time to start - NOW!

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