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Magea magnesium cream

Magea magnesium cream
Magea Magnesium Cream With Essential Oils And Fresh Herbal Scent.Natural Magnesium Cream For Painful And Sore Muscles As Well As Leg Cramps.Magea Magnesium - Your Biggest Relief.

Magnesium cream with essential oils!

  • For muscle aches.
  • Made for everyone, not just athletes and sport lovers.
  • With carefully selected natural ingredients.
  • For intensive skin care.
  • With fresh herbal scent.
  • Containing 40% of magnesium chloride hexahydrate (making magnesium the key ingredient).
  • Essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, gaulteria and lemongrass.
  • Nourishing and refreshing effect due to organic coconut butter, glycerin, beeswax and menthol.

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Net amount: 100 ml

For various reasons, we have temporarily withdrawn this product from our offer. You can view the product, but you cannot order it. Contact us for more information .

Magea magnesium cream with essential oils contains carefully selected natural ingredients and is intended for intensive skin care. It has a fresh herbal scent and its key ingredient is magnesium.

Magnesium cream with essential oils

It contains 40% of magnesium chloride hexahydrate and essential oils of peppermint, eucalyptus, gaulteria and lemongrass. Organic coconut butter, glycerin, beeswax and menthol have a nourishing and refreshing effect.

Instructions for use

Magea magnesium cream is intended for external use. With exertion, fatigue and increased physical activity, it has a relaxing and soothing effect. Gently apply the product to the selected part of the body. Use it several times a day or when necessary. Application can cause an unpleasant tingling sensation that passes and does not damage the epidermis.


Do not apply to damaged skin and mucous membranes. The product is not suitable for children up to 3 years of age and women during pregnancy.


Magnesium Chloride, Water, Cocos nucifera seed butter**, Glyceryl stearate citrate, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Zea Mays Starch, Cera Alba, Menthol, Mentha Piperita Oil, Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil, Gaultheria Procumbens Leaf Oil, Xanthan Gum, Tocopheryl Acetate, Cymbopogon Flexuosus Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Citral*, citronellol*, eugenol*, geraniol*, isoeugenol*, limonene*, linalool*

* ingredients of natural essential oils
**ingredients of organic production

Origin: Slovenia.

Date of use: Use at least until the end of the date printed on the edge of the package.

Net amount: 100 ml / 110 g

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