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Going back to the nature with top sport massage lotions.

Everyone that does sports knows how beneficial massage lotions before and after sports can be. There are many different types of massage lotions, gels or oils available, yet we stand behind the proven ones. While Magea sport massage lotion with carefully selected natural ingredients is made for everyone with muscle aches, Amp Human helps athletes unlock their limitless potential. You want high performance and excellent nourishment? We have top performance sport massage lotions just for you.

Why Sport Lotions?

Before working out massages will not only warm up your muscles, but also stretch them out and make them more flexible. It is important to choose the right sport lotion though.

In a number of clinical trials with high-level athletes, Amp Human PR Lotion will:

  • Increase lactate levels for 11% and therefore lead to an increase in muscle efficiency.
  • Reduce muscle soreness by 53%.
  • Have a 25% increase on high intensive intervals before exhaustion time.
  • Significantly lower heart rate, even at the same workload.

We mainly think about a massage after work out though. Getting a massage after we finished with our work out helps reduce muscle soreness as it reduces inflammation and reduces recovery time due to faster cell recovery. Take advantage of our Magea Sport lotion and get to know its advantages today.

Sport gels. EXERCISE well, FEEL better, DO better.


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