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Collagen shot with MSM & Vitamins

Collagen shot with MSM & Vitamins
Collagen shot with MSM & Vitamins. Super concentrated liquid dietary supplement.Collagen shot with MSM & Vitamin C, Hyaluronic, Zinc, Biotin added.

It took us a long time to find the best collagen product on the market. We found one that stands out clearly from the crowd due to its form, super concentration and super extra ingredients added. Collagen Shot. Start looking and feeling your best today.

Net amount: 500 ml

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Why collagen? | Why is it so important?

Facts have reached millions of people around the world. Once we hit our twenties, collagen synthesis reduces rapidly and almost immediate signs of collagen loss appear on our body. Wrinkly skin, dry hair, brittle nails, rigid joints and slower digestion are just a few of those. If you are wondering how to slow down your body from ageing from the inside out, Collagen Shot is the one to choose.

Which collagen product is the best? | Why?

We spent years researching the market for you. This way you do not need to wonder all the time: “Which collagen is the best?” or even buy one that only carries the name “Collagen”, yet doesn’t even have 1 mg of it in its ingredients. We found Collagen Shot as the best one on the market. Why? Check out our findings.

Liquid Collagen Shot | Compared to other forms of dietary supplements

Always remember that liquid dietary supplements have much better absorption than other dietary supplements in form of capsules, powders or tablets. Collagen Shot is a super concentrated liquid dietary supplement, including large doses of active ingredients. On top of it, it is also much more convenient to consume than mixing powders. It only takes one morning shot at a time.

Nr. 1 conclusion: Liquid form enables much better absorption of dietary supplements than other forms.

Marine collagen | Super concentrated with high quality marine collagen

You may encounter thousands of “collagen” products that advertise themselves as the fountains of youth. The truth is that most collagen products on the market have 0 mg to 1.500 mg of collagen per serving compared to 5.000 mg that Collagen Shot has. 0 mg? Collagen products? Yes. That is what you may get.

We therefore advise you to read the ingredients on the declaration carefully when you compare Collagen Shot with other collagen products. We have not managed to find a better collagen product on the market yet. Remember though! We would be more than happy if you introduce us to one. Good luck!

Nr. 2 conclusion: Most of Collagen products you are looking at have less than 1.500 mg of collagen.

Collagen, MSM and Vitamin C combined

If you find a dietary supplement with 5.000 mg of collagen or more per serving and therefore claim it as a better version of Collagen Shot, we guarantee you that you will not find an actual 1.500 mg of MSM per serving as well. Why? Because not many companies know how to mix collagen and MSM. Additionally, you have to know that collagen is awesome, but do not forget that MSM is the beauty mineral you want just as much, if not even more than collagen. MSM, methylsulfonylmethane, is the one that helps produce your own collagen and keratin. We have not finished yet. For better MSM performance, it is recommended to consume it with Vitamin C that is also added to Collagen Shot you are about to try and never stop taking.

Nr. 3 conclusion: If a collagen product you are looking at has the same amount or more collagen per serving than Collagen Shot, it most likely (95% possibility) does not include MSM and Vitamin C.

Hyaluronic acid added to Collagen Shot

Not many liquid collagen products contain hyaluronic acid, definite anti-ageing booster. This makes Collagen Shot stand out of the “crowd”. When you are choosing the right collagen for your needs, you can contact us to help you with comparison. We have already made a research and a decision for you but still. If you want to do a research by yourself, pay attention to the amount of the active ingredients you get per serving.

GET READY for youthful skin appearance, shiny hair, strong and beautiful nails!

Instructions for use

Measure the recommended daily dose (25 ml / 0,85 oz.) with the container included in the package. For better absorption, take Collagen Shot on an empty stomach. Shake well before use. Keep refrigerated after opening.

Collagen shot | Benefits

Collagen Shot users report different beauty and health benefits such as:

  • more radiant and freshly-looking skin,
  • improved skin elasticity and tonicity,
  • reduced acne appearance,
  • firm, strong nails,
  • shiny and faster growing hair,
  • more flexible joints,
  • intestine functioning benefits,
  • overall well-being improvement.

Did you know that collagen has also been used to fight cellulite? Well. I won't try to convince you as it may look that I am just trying everything to get you buy this extraordinary product. I'll just advise you to read this article.



There are numerous types of collagen. Type 1 collagen is the predominant form of collagen found throughout the body. It is an integral part of our tendons, skin, hair, nails and articular cartilage. Adding it to our diet, specially after the age of 20, helps us maintain youthful skin, glossy hair, strong nails and helps prevent ligament and joint damage.

MSM MIRACLE | methylsulfonylmethane

Even though MSM is known as a dietary supplement used to treat a wide array of symptoms and conditions, most women users call it "the mineral of beauty" due to its effects on the body. MSM is widely used in the alternative medicine field, in dental practice, and by people looking for a natural way to relief from pain as it helps to:

  • relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation and boost immunity,
  • provide relief from pain and inflammation from conditions like gingivitis, painful tooth aches, tooth exctraction, teeth sensitivity etc.
  • speed up recovery after exercising as it reduces muscle damage,
  • boost your immunity system,
  • improve skin health,
  • decrease allergy symptoms etc.


Naturally produced by our body, hyaluronic acid is mostly found in our skin, connective tissue and eyes. It's an excellent moisturizing substance, providing smoother and softer skin, while it helps reducing wrinkles, heals wounds faster and even relieves joint pain as it keeps bones well lubricated.


Vitamin C is indispensable for the new growth of collagen connective tissue. It's an essential vitamin that our body can not produce. It's a powerful antioxidant that helps boost our immune system, prevents iron deficiency, lowers the risk of heart disease as well as manages high blood pressure.


Biotin plays an important role in the health of our hair, skin, and nails. It's deficiency can even lead to hair loss. Collagen Shot users will most likely notice new, much stronger or much faster growing hair.


We often forget the importance of Zinc, a vital mineral that our body uses in countless ways. You probably didn't know that zinc is the second-most-abundant trace mineral in your body after iron. Zinc added to Collagen Shot, makes this miracle drink even more contributional to the development and function of immune cells.


Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect our cells from damage and slows the ageing process of your cells. Vitamin E is fat-soluble. This means your body stores and uses it as needed. The term “vitamin E” describes eight different compounds. Alpha-tocopherol is the most active one in humans. And nowadays, one of the most important life factors - Vitamin E plays an important role in protecting cells from oxidative stress.


Contributes to the normal cysteine synthesis.

Purpose: It affects the appearance of the skin, hair, nails, and joint mobility.
Packaging: 500 ml bottle with dosage cap included. Sufficient for 20 days of regular use.
The recommended daily amount: 25 ml.

How to use Collagen Shot?

Instructions for use: Measure the recommended daily amount with the cap and consume. Collagen shot has a bitter-sweet taste. If it does not suit you, you can mix it with your favorite drink. For best absorption, take Collagen shot on an empty stomach. Shake well before use.
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature. After the first opening, keep the product in the refrigerator and drink within one month.

Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Persons allergic to any of the ingredients should not use this product. A dietary supplement is not a replacement for a varied or healthy lifestyle.

Nutritional facts

Energy 380 kJ/91 kcal 96 kJ/23 kcal 2 %*
Fats, of which:
- saturates
< 0,0 g
< 0,0 g
< 0,0 g
< 0,0 g
0 %*
0 %*
Carbohydrates, of which:
– sugars
– polyols
8 g
0 g
8 g
2 g
0 g
2 g
1 %*
0 %*
Proteins 18 g 4,5 g 9 %
Salt 0,01 g < 0,01 g 0 %
Hydrolyzed fish collagen 20000 mg 5000 mg **
MSM 6000 mg 1500 mg **
Hyaluronic acid 120 mg 30 mg **
Vitamin C 480 mg 120 mg 150 %
Vitamin B6 6,72 mg 1,68 mg 120 %
Biotin 600 mcg 150 mcg 300 %
Zinc 8 mg 2 mg 20 %
*RDA = recommended daily allowance
** = the recommended daily intake is not specified

The product is manufactured by a Slovenian company in accordance with high-quality standards; HACCP, GMP, GMP+B8, and ISO 22000.
For comprehensive facial skincare, we also recommend our moisturizing face cream.


Water, hydrolyzed fish collagen (allergen: FISH), sweetener: sorbitol syrup, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), vitamin C (sodium L-ascorbate), acids: malic acid, lactic acid, aromas, black carrot juice, vitamin E (DL-alpha-tocopheryl acetate), hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate), preservative: potassium sorbate and sodium benzoates, zinc (zinc gluconate), sweetener: sucralose, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), biotin (D-biotin).

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