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Customers testimonials

  • If someone doesn't believe it - the Collagen Shot really works! My hair went wild for which I am just so HAPPY. I lost a lot of hair after breastfeeding. This mommy is super pleased!

    Nika, Ljubljana
  • Hi. I wanna share my experience.I have tried so many collagens, but I have never noticed such fast results. Now my second bottle is empty and my skin is much cleaner, my hair more beautiful, shiny and thicker and I also noticed changes in the nails ... LOVE IT!

    Susanne, Austria
  • I have to tell you that Collagen Shot is a "must have" for me. After about ten days, I REALLY started noticing changes in my skin. And my hair was not bad bad before, but now it looks just WOOOOW. Thank you.

    Lotte, Denmark
  • I used to have terrible nails and hair! After the 2nd bottle, everything is extremely better - skin, nails, hair, everyithing is blossoming. Great product.

    Nora, Hungary
  • Hello! I ordered your C-Shot and D-Shot for the first time last month, because I read the feedbacks a bit and said "Let's do it". These days everybody around me is caughing, sneezing, but I am healthy and feeling like my immune system is over the roof. Thanks for making me feel safe!

    Sofia, Germany
  • I bought your product ShotCa + D after my dentist recommended it to me. I am very happy with the results and I would recommend it to anyone having a serious dental work done.

    Tina, Slovenia
  • Hi there! I am using 3 of your products. Collagen Shot, C-Shot and D-Shot are my morning ritual and there are just so many changes after I started using it. I used to color my hair every 2,5 months, now I do it every 1,5 month, because my hair is growing so fast! Also this is the first winter with no cold, flu ...NOTHING! I feel really good and I will definitely continue drinking it!

    Zoe, Netherlands
  • Thank you so much, my package has arrived! I love it and this is the first tim that can get any kind of MSM down my throat without nausea. And my husban is constantly stealing my Collagen Shot. LoL

    Ana, Spain
  • My nails got so much stronger within two weeks, but what I've noticed after using Collagen Shot is that my pimples dissapeared. Even my husband said my skin looks much better. Excellent. My 2020 product of the year.

    Ashley, London
  • Kolagen shot sem preizkusila novembra…čeprav nisem verjela čudežem, ki so jih drugi opisovali, sem vseeno rekla, da probam. Ej noro! Nikoli v življenju še nisem imela tako dolge in trde nohte, izgledali so kot da so gelirani. Koža je bila manj mastna in lasje trši. Kolagena je kmalu zmanjkalo…pa sem rekla, da probam brez. V roku 1,5 meseca so se vsi nohti polomili, da me je prav sram jih kazati, koža je spet kot prej in lasje so kar so. Tako da kolagen res dela čudeže!!! Hvala ti. Sem danes kar dva paketa naročila, da spet začnem pit. Martina, Ajdovščina

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